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From the Lodge, you can visit the Mwogo marshlands with its astonishing floating bridges made from local vegetation such as papyrus and bamboos. Once on it you have the sensation of treading on water as the bridge stretches across the marshlands for about one kilometre.
This is a great experience and opportunity for bird enthusiasts!

Ornithological journey... As a specialist or an amateur, the variety of bird species,
easy to observe is a real delight. Bushes and marshlands provide the right environmental conditions for a huge diversity around the Lodge which is actually an ideal refuge for
numerous kinds of birds during the dry season.

Hornbills, Gonoleks, Starlings, Weavers, Cordons bleus, Firefinches, Turtle doves,
Wagtails, Sunbirds and Sparrows fully appreciate our place.
The magnificent Ross’ Turaco will seduce you by its beautiful colors.

We have more than 175 species in our lush garden..!


coucal a sourcils blancJPG
tisserin gendarme
Guépier nain
Ignicolore grenadier
Aigle huppard
Gonolek à ventre rouge
Coucals à sourcils blancs
Corvinelle noire et blanche
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